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Fitness Equipment Safety

If you manufacture, import, or distribute fitness equipment within the EEA (European Economic Area), we can help you to make sure that your products are safe for use and compliant with all applicable standards and regulations.

While manufacturers are responsible for ensuring product compliance and affixing the CE mark, importers (and distributors) also play an important role. Recent administrative changes to EU regulations mean that importers and distributors must have an overall knowledge of the respective directives and make sure that the products they sell comply with the legislation and bear the CE mark. Non-compliance can lead to penalties not only for the manufacturer but also the companies handling their products in the EU.

If, as an importer or distributor, you market fitness equipment under your own name, you also assume the manufacturer’s responsibilities. In this case, you must have sufficient information on the design and production of the product, as you assume the legal responsibility when affixing the CE marking.

The CE Mark and the EU Declaration of Conformity

The critical document that all companies need to have when selling products in the EEA is an EU Declaration of Conformity. The CE mark itself is the manufacturer/importer’s declaration that the product has met the essential requirements of the applicable CE marking directives. It’s essentially a statement, usually in a certificate type format, to state that this particular product meets the requirements of the directives which apply to a CE marked product.

It's also a requirement that the Declaration be signed by someone who has the power to make legally binding commitments on behalf of the manufacturer, or who is their Authorized Representative in the EU. The effect of the Declaration is to identify an individual in the company who can be held responsible if the CE marking on a product turns out to be invalid.

What fitness equipment requires the CE mark?

Cardiovascular fitness equipment (such as bikes, cross trainers, steppers, climbers and treadmills) have stringent compliance requirements. These products are governed by European Directives (such as EMC/LVD/RoHS and ErP, which are mandatory), along with their own individual fitness equipment standards. This means that, before these products can legally be placed on the market, they must be tested and have a CE mark placed on them to demonstrate compliance with the directives listed, as well as other specific implementing regulations.

Product Safety – Our Role

Howard G Davies & Associates are able to provide you with an assessment of your fitness equipment against the relevant EU Directives and EN standards. This permits you the manufacturer or supplier to perform self-certification to the EN standards which relate to Stationary Training Equipment which in turn enables you to claim compliance with these standards and produce your own EU Declaration of Conformity.

In addition, we offer an advisory service which keeps manufacturers and distributors up to date with all current regulations from EU Directives and EN & ISO Standards for all types of fitness equipment.

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