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Our website has recently seen an increasing number of enquiries about what regulations and standards individuals and companies are required to meet to the manufacturing, import and sale of Fitness Equipment Products. Here are some examples of FAQ’s which are often asked about Strength, Resistance CV Training Products.

Strength Training Products

Q1. Does my product need a CE mark or how can I get my product CE marked?

Only certain fitness training products need to be or permitted to be CE marked. For example, simple mechanical products such weight discs, dumbbells, weight benches and all other mechanical strength training products, such as weight benches and other strength training equipment does NOT require the CE Mark and MUST NOT be CE marked, as such products will be in breach of EU regulations.

Other types of Fitness products including Cardio/CV equipment such as exercise bikes, steppers, treadmills, elliptical and cross trainers, which are either battery powered, self-powered units or products which require to be plugged into a 13A socket outlet, DO require CE marking. This is because they have electrical or electronic components including a display console which may show time, distance, speed, calories and pulse etc.

Q2. What European and UK standards or regulations apply to strength products?

Although the CE mark cannot be applied on strength products, to demonstrate that the products are regarded as meeting European Standards, companies can perform a self-assessment of their product in relation to the relevant BS EN ISO Standards, which are:
  • BS EN ISO 20957-1:2013 – General Safety Requirements and Test Methods
  • BS EN 957-2:2003 – Strength Training Equipment (This standard will shortly be revised and published as BS EN ISO 20957-2:2020 including a new additional section on Plate Loaded Equipment.)
  • BS EN ISO 20957-4:2016 – Strength Training Benches Requirements and Test Methods.

Q3. Is there a specific European or UK standard for weight discs and/or dumbbells?

There is no specific standard for weight plates or dumbbells, but like all products offered for sale in the EU they must meet the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD), which in a nutshell, states that companies are not allowed to offer unsafe products for sale. For example, this would almost certainly mean that weight plates without 2.5mm radiused edges would not be regarded as safe.

CV Fitness Products

Cardiovascular Fitness Equipment such as bikes, treadmills, steppers and elliptical trainers is a different category in terms of EU Regulations to strength training equipment. CV Equipment contains both electrical and electronic components which are subject to a whole raft of EU Directives, which require compulsory compliance and testing, along with their associated standards. These include the Low Voltage Directive (LVD): Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC): Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directives (RoHS); Energy Related Products Directive (ErP): Radio Equipment Directive(RED) and the Waste Electrical & Electronic Directive (WEEE) .

Q4. Can I sell Cardio Equipment (CV) which I have imported into the UK and what regulations do I need to comply with before selling it?

The above compliance and testing requirements are generally beyond the capability of most small CV equipment manufacturers in the UK. Unless the overseas manufacturer is able to provide testing and certification information to demonstrate compliance with the above specific regulations, you, as an importer/distributor would need to have the products tested by a specialist test house in the UK, in the EU, or elsewhere.

In the event of an investigation by Trading Standards, or worse, and accident resulting in an injury or claim for negligence, you would not have a defence in law.

How Can I Get Help

Howard G Davies & Associates can offer information and assistance on what International Regulations and Standards apply including a desktop report if required, covering an assessment of regulatory compliance of your fitness, strength or CV product, against current EN ISO standards and other regulations.

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