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Accident and Expert Witness Reports

In the current legal climate where solicitors and their clients wish to obtain expert professional advice on accidents before deciding whether to proceed with or defend a claim, we can provide an initial review and overview of the incident. As recognized technical experts in the fitness equipment industry, Howard G Davies & Associates are able to provide professional technical reports and expert opinion on cases relating to equipment, injury and other incidents in gyms. We have worked with insurers and their loss adjusters in expediting the claim process.

Risk Management & Safety Audits

Risk management has always been a key issue for the fitness industry. Many gym owners are not aware that they have a legal responsibility to produce and maintain a Health and Safety Policy including a Risk Assessment of their gym. Demonstrating good risk management practices has been proven to reduce the number and severity of gym related injuries and is likely to assist in reducing negligence claims made against owners and instructors.

We offer:
  • Sample Health and Safety Policy Manuals and procedures.
  • Risk Assessment templates of your gym facilities and equipment to assist you in producing self certification.
  • A FitSafe inspection report on your gym including recommendations can be provided to help you reduce your risk, avoid injuries, respond to or defend negligence claims and possibly lower insurance premiums.
  • Advice for manufacturers and suppliers on safe design and operation of new products.

International Standards Compliance Service

As Chairman of the BSI Technical Committee on Stationary Training equipment, Howard Davies can provide the most accurate and up to date information to both manufacturers and operators on the standards which apply to the industry. He has been part of the European standards committee which drafted the EN957 Stationary Training Equipment standards and is also a member of the American ASTM standards group. He was also a member of the team who produced the IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) Stage 1 and Stage 2 standards.

We offer:
  • Advice and reports regarding compliance with International/UK standards and EU Directives which apply to the fitness industry.
  • A report on determining what standards apply to specific fitness products and guidance on how to test in order to be able to meet these standards.

Inclusive Fitness Equipment

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) have produced their own UK standard for the design and function of equipment which is accessible by disabled and non-disabled users. These standards, although not having the same legal standing of the European (CEN) or British Standards (BSI) standards referred to above local authority tenders often request a specific range of IFI accredited equipment.

European Standards define an inclusive classification – “Class I: professional and/or commercial use provided for inclusive use for people with special needs (e.g. visual, hearing, physical or learning disabilities)”.

We offer:
  • Advice for gyms who wish to meet Equality Act (DDA) relating to provision of inclusive fitness equipment for disabled users.
The above range of health and safety services can provide local authorities, private fitness clubs and other gyms with the assurance that the equipment they are purchasing meets current legal requirements. Call us on 01633 251 222 or fill out our contact us form for more information.
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"Howard Davies’ proven expertise on the application and interpretation of standards in the fitness industry will prove both useful and commercially beneficial for members dealing with what is often a very complex subject."
Pete Wells Quality Manager – UK Active
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